Saturday, June 23, 2012

following fallow

I just had a significant birthday, one that ends in a 0 and one that means I'm likely past the half way mark of my life. In the Jewish tradition the 49th year, seven times seven is a fallow year, a Jubilee year, in which the fields rest, debts are forgiven, prisoners are let out of jail...I did feel fallow this past year though I'm still paying the mortgage and worked hard teaching and mothering. However I'm looking to 50 as the time to start again. To dig deeper into my creative process, my green work, and mostly mindfulness. I'm writing my intention here with the internet as witness; to cultivate a practice of staying still and getting quiet. Just connecting to my breath as ballast. Breath, simple something to practice, for the next day after day.

Transforming Kehilla Comunity Synagogue Sanctuary

I hope you will come celebrate and see the completed sanctuary on March 21st. There will be a service from 10-12 followed by a reception for...