Saturday, May 24, 2008

slooow down

I've been busy, really busy with the multiple things that make up a mom, teacher, artist, environmentalist, life. Yes, I admit being busy is my addiction. The rush of saying "yes" to another important task, the thrill of moving at light speed from one event to the next, the exhilaration of forward momentum. Sometimes slowing down feels like a hangover. I get edgy even snappish. So it was a delight to find myself lying in the sun on the deck with my five year old today. We had an outing planned but my son unexpectedly fell asleep at noon (he also has a predilection for pushing himself until he drops) and so we made an impromptu picnic with basil from the garden, alas, colorful but not that tasty tomatoes from Mexico, olive oil, and good bread. The warm deck, my daughter's silly chatter, sweet basil ahhh the slow life of now.

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