Monday, June 16, 2008

blue rumbler

alas our biodiesel 1979 Mercedes aka the blue rumbler has some real issues, transmission is slipping, glow plugs are flickering, driver's door sticking. We're going to put her out to pasture...however hope springs eternal! We are buying a 1980 smaller (rumbler was a boat that putted up hills at 10 mph even with the pedal to the metal) version! Hoping to convert to straight veggie oil and have better luck in the repair department.


Nina said...

Had a moment while posting free junk on Craigslist to visit the site. Looking good. Love the poem...I remember. Hope the new car is good.

A. Edmondson said...

I'll miss the blue rumbler but it's great you keep trying to lower your carbon footprint. You worked to keep that thing going.