Wednesday, February 18, 2009

solar chandelier installed!

Here are some shots of the sculpture. First being installed by Maurice and Jeff Levitch. I'm so glad I didn't have to ascend the ladder. The second shot shows the panel and the last two show the piece hanging...It all went well, a few adjustments were made and I was nervous as it went up, would someone fall? would the panel work? (edit...oops posted in the opposite order of preview for some reason so the first mentioned is the last, but you get the to follow)


Jackie said...

Cool sculpture - what are the little things that hang down made of? I can't tell from the photos - are they fused glass?

leah k said...

The materials are mostly reused. The hanging down things are flowers made of plastic cups. I'm going to have better photos taken but I should post the materials too!! Thanks for asking.

Chris said...

Hey Leah, great blog! I would like to touch base with you about your blog. Please contact me directly at

Look forward to hearing from you.