Sunday, September 30, 2007


It is Sukkot right now. This is one of my favorite holidays. This one has no story about the Jews being persecuted (Joel ben Izzy's description of most Jewish holidays-"they tried to kill us. they didn't. let's eat!")but is a celebration of Harvest and nature. Under the sukkah there is a chance to connect with the seasons and with generations of people sitting together under the stars. My daughter's first outing, at eight days old, was to a sukkot celebration and last night, at the same sukkah she shook the lulav with me in the six cardinal directions. I felt a surge of joy and hope for the future feeling these complex pleasures; our smallness in the night sky, the constancy of the stars and seasons as we age and grow, and the shared warmth of our bodies as our voices lift, together in the dark.

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