Saturday, August 2, 2008

I heart Freecycle

I recently got back into Freecycling as I cleared out stuff and I've got to say I loooove it. If you are unfamiliar with Freecycle Freecycle it is an email list where folks post what they have to give away and others respond. Let me enumerate what I love about freecycle. I can post my odds and ends, things that are cluttering and encumbering my life and others, often unseen, will gratefully relieve me of them. Things I've recently freecycled include a pile of old bricks, a car stereo whose volume went down every time I drove over a bump, and a shoe holder. On the other end of the equation I've gotten amazing stuff, most of which I would have no idea where to find. The ergonomic tray holding this keyboard on which I type is the example closest at hand. Oh and a real manual typewriter, which I will take to school to use with my students, but for now my 5 yo is learning letters on (my son came into the kitchen and typed one pithy line...the f word over and over and over, I heart twelve year old boys too). With freecycle there is the thrill of winning when someone picks me, yes me, for their item and the sweet relief of having something unloved by me loved and desired by so many. Truly green magic.

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