Saturday, August 16, 2008

sustainable school institute

This week I attended a Bay Are Teacher Dev. Collaborative institute on Sustainability. It was held at the Bay School (hence the photo). Two fun filled days of presentations, conversations, and delicious, organic food. The keynote speaker was Fritjof Capra,from the Center for Ecoliteracy . I took a class with him on Deep Ecology in the 80's at UC Berkeley. Hearing him speak I realized how much his teaching had inspired my thinking on sustainability and my general worldview. His view of life as a complex system in which each part's relationship to the whole must be valued was inspiring then and now. However it is difficult and sobering to realize how much more dire the situation looks now than it did 20+ years ago. Today I read that the Arctic is now predicted to be ice free in summer in 5 years rather than 60....Still it was so exciting to be in a room full of people, including a number of heads of schools, who want to use their institutions to create real change.

So much to fear so much to hope for.

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