Friday, October 19, 2007

greenland and me

This morning I stumbled into the kitchen and glanced at the paper. The first words to catch my eye Greenland melting at a much faster rate than predicted. Now they can grow broccoli there for the first time but the sled dogs are suffering, and then I read about a huge plastic gyre in the ocean. Twice the size of Texas. What a way to start the day when what I wanted to write about today was the seven sixth grade girls that came into my art room at lunch yesterday to make posters for the environmental club. How their excited listing of tasks we could try to tackle made me feel hopeful and grateful. They even made up a little recycling song to sing at town hall, and I do feel charmed and happy about their growing awareness and involvement but when I think of that gyre of plastic swirling away in the salt I want to open my mouth and howl like an out of work Greenland dog.

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