Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I haven't posted in a while...busy with kids, holidays, family good stuff and then a nasty cold, not so good. Anyway it's been a while and frankly on the green front I've been bummed. The oil spill in the Bay, the fires in L.A., news from the Arctic, stories about tar oil etc frankly lots of bad news and combined with a head cold well, it can make one gloomy. So I wanted to write about what makes me grateful and hopeful. This storypassed on to me by Mary V. Marsh about a young people's green summit gave me a glow of hope. As did the news of google's investments in solar. My hope comes from smart people willing to take risks, financial, career, artistic, and people brave enough to change the status quo, to come out and profess their fear and love. Those people give me hope and I'm very grateful to all of them, all of you out there, thinking and creating in this most challenging time.

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