Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ifixed it

i do love my old ipod. i got it on craigslist and it is loaded with our whole library. This makes for some odd segues on shuffle. ACDC to Mary Poppins to podcast of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell me (love that show!). Anyway it stopped working the other day BUT I googled and followed these easy directions and it worked! I am scrubbing the paint palettes to the dulcet tones of Karl Kastle again!

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Nina said...

Hey! My ipod busted awhile back and I have already tried the first few steps. When I get back from T-giving I'm going to crack it open and try the other steps. Meanwhile I couldn't wait and got a new one. I hate working out at the gym without it. Not fond of listening to the pounding of treadmills and the grunting of guys lifting weights. Thanks for the tip!