Sunday, January 27, 2008

creating happiness

Saturday I went to a great event at a local school. Just sitting in a gym full of well-meaning, anxious parents was strangely comforting. I felt part of a community trying to get it right. The keynote speaker was Christine Carter of the Greater Good Center talking about childhood keys to adult happiness. It helped me with another thing I struggle with, despair for my kids future and confusion about what I need to be giving them . Should I be teaching them survival skills, how to spin wool and eat acorns, or indulging them with ipods and cool sneakers now, since the future looks so bleak? Her research based emphasis on happiness as a teachable skill made me rethink my task. Maybe helping them create the habit of gratitude and happiness will serve them in whatever predicaments and difficulties they find themselved in the unpredictable future. Anyway it's worth a try!

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